Are you a new website owner or are you thinking of creating one soon? Creating an amazing and simple website for health and wellness can be taxing. It’s clear that anyone can manage to create one without  coding experience.  Regardless you need to have an SEO mindset.

One thing is clear creating a simple website in 2021 for health and wellness is not going to be a walk in the park. Your audience should be the first thing that come to your mind, then the engine. After all, you expect search engines to index and crawl your site

Having all these articles about creating a website in 1 hour but still you might have no idea on where to start.  Let not forget for those that are perfectionist, picking something may not be that simple.  You should start with what your priority is. Yes we all need an online store at some point.

The idea is to be online the right way. Well a simple website has a lot of misconceptions especially in the health and wellness sector  I have heard clients that simply refused to add more text or blogs just for them to have a “simple website”.  And that is where the idea of writing this came up. We have a saying that too many cooks spoil the food. 

Misconception about simple websites 

Having different free discovery calls with different developers is not the answer. They will all have an idea of what to include, but remember to be unique it needs your touch.  Before jumping from one dev to the next or from one blog to the other you have to first see an implementation. 

You need to know what really matters. Example you might one to keep your Domain name or grab it before it’s taken. Having all that information can be overwhelming without putting it into practice. Know how many pages you need in your site. What exactly should be in the pages and images that will iodinate with your industry.

What kind of information do you think is important to your audience. How to go about it, the copy writing in the website. Services that you are going to provide. Again there are way to have a lot of information without putting your audience to sleep.

Now you have a home page with less than 200 words and you need traffic and that page needs to rank. Some websites are not complicated and yet you can still get enough information about what they do. Sometimes I wonder if someone comes to you for a website optimization.  You are expected to give a clear answer on what they need to change.   So this is the first thing that you need to know about a simple website. There are three thing you will need to create your website

  • Domain
  • Platform
  • Hosting provider  


STEP # 1 Domain name

  This can be overwhelming for anyone who is new in the website word. If we want to be fair then can say we are talking about having .com .io names. In other word this is the address to find your site. So trust me when I say you want it to be easy.  Well Some people prefer using their name, that is if you have a unique name.  If you are unlucky like me, then you spend like a week looking for a name. Growing up my name was always easy. I grew up in christian environment. Studied in catholic schools and having an arabic name, meant a unique name.  I moved to the middle east and the name is very common so I had to be creative. Right now I don’t feel creative that much.  Oh yes which brings me to stop overthinking about your website name and move on to the next step.  Domain names are not that expensive, maximum prices will be 50$ a year with a minimum of even 10$.  That’s going to depend on your priorities. 

STEP # 2 Platform  

Now that you have the hosting. Time to look for the best platform. Something that I wish someone had told me.  Well I am sure you have had all these articles and each has something good to say about their favourite one.  Choosing the best platform can be confusing. There are a bunch of choices out there.  You might want to consider an easy CMS like wordpress. Plus most platforms will be free.  You just want to check on what you need then update into a premium one or business plan.  They are all great, you just have to have an SEO on your side and they can probably help you with optimization.   You might want to check that web developers who insist that they are building their website with seo in mind.  A complaint that I hear a lot from my clients. Not every amazing website was created by a designer.  The most important thing is to give your customer a great experience.  Most of them are just drag and drop. 

  • Weebly 
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify 
  • Dreamhost website builder. 

  It is always good to have a list then you will tick each platform as you go by.  Design and features are very important. If you have someone to build your website then you might want to know which CMS they will go for.  You got to think long term. In future you might want to add something so let there be an option for that.  

STEP # 3 hosting provider

Here you want to be really careful. Remember a hosting provider is what will keep your site up and you want something that will not die.  Make sure whoever is going to build the site will give you more details on this. Otherwise you are ruined if you are ever not online.   You want to build trust and a stable iste is the best way to go. If you want to delegate the management of your site completely to your site then go for one that provides that.  You should know the kind of traffic you are planning to have or let’s say one that you will want. Just be honest with yourself and get something that will be for you and not what  you think most people are having.  There are some cheap options, but you have to understand that the performance of your site depends on the load of all other sites putting on the host.  Assuming that all that went well. Ta da you got yourself a website now. 

Security check for your website

You will start by making sure that your website is secure. In other words you will check the SSL certificate or HTTPs.  That’s the little lock you always see next to a domain name.  This will depend on your service provider. While I know with Kijabi you will have to sign in cloudflare.  Bluehost you can just go to log in and check the security tab which you can check your certificate.  Security is always the place to check. Which brings  me to something that may be helpful especially if you are a new website owner.  Assistant from the company that you are hosting your website. Make sure they are first.

Member Login

Well I can speak for bluehost and wordpress the team respond really quick.  Very impressive and will really come in handy. Trust me you don’t want to go to youtube channel and start looking for answers. It can be really confusing. 

Choosing your theme

If you are like me then maybe you will take longer when it comes to choosing your theme.  I mean I take like almost 20 minutes just looking at one page menu.  Image choosing a theme, I can tell you it ain’t an ebay job.  Good thing I don’t  like shopping otherwise will spend a full whole day in malls. Perhaps having a brand colour and text will make the process easier.  If you went with wordpress then you can go  pick from the list depending on what kind of website you need.  There are over severals to pick from. 

A theme of a simple website for health and wellness

A screen shot from WordPress themes for of a simple website for health and wellness

  So divi is a theme builder, plugin from wordpress. It allows you to build your website using the visual drag and drop.  It’s good, you will need codes. It’s amazing especially when you get to understand it. 

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So that is how a simple website needs to be. Mainly it needs to have security.  And a great theme. As long as the information is clear. So don’t create a boring website just because you think that’s what it means to be simple. In the next article let’s have a look at the pages in your websites.     

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