Website Evaluation

If you have a website, you need to know whether it’s effective.

  • Are people seeing your website?
  • Is my website pretty enough?
  • We have less than 4 seconds to make an impression on our website.
  • There are lots of questions you can ask and answer with your data.

First we check if it’s hitting your smart goals metric. If not, we definitely need to make some changes.

By using the right tools, we can see if the website is viewable on different devices.

The message your website caries must be clear and concise. Are you communicating whom you serve and how you support them?

You need to set up Google Analytics and analyze the data to determine if you’re reaching the intended audience.

Google Search Console will also provide helpful information about your site’s search traffic and performance, its effectiveness and to make sure all the pages are working. Without any dead links or what have you. It allows us to check if a URL has been indexed. If not, then we make it indexed.

Whenever you write a new page or post, we can make sure it is properly indexed.

We check the performance of your site. The load time should be less than 2 seconds for a page. If any page takes longer than that to load, it needs to be optimized.

Using tools like Google Search Console, I will help you clarify the issues that need to be fixed.

$ 350,-

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