Are you wondering what’s the need of a marketing strategy for your website.

When you are already an experts in your industry?  This might be one of the question you are asking yourself. 

When you think of a website the first thing that comes to your mind is developer. The coding and HTML language or Just colours and design. 

Most of you will agree with me that this is not something that you look into.

One would argue that a website is just all about coding and designing alone. 

Why do we need a website in the first place anyway. I am already an expert in my field

I have a good social media presence, and I know a lot of people. Knowing people is good for your the sake of word of mouth and all, but you still need people who are real fun of yours.

 Though sometimes it is just a question of how much it will cost me.

It’s too technical for me to understand, or I am too old for that. 

 If you could get someone that is doing it for free you wouldn’t think twice about it.

Your website is the online store, you might have that clinic at the best place in the city. 

a picture showing a website with a play button to show need of a marketing strategy for your website.

need of a marketing strategy for your website. before you publish it.

In a posh area and you are well connected, but everybody nowadays is searching online.

Nobody goes in blindly. They will search and trust what Google gives them as the right person 

This is how the marketing comes in the picture. You want people to be able to find your website 

Perhaps you have seen marketers and sales people sending you messages in linkedin. 

If that it’s another reason you choose not to look at it. Then it’s totally understandable. 

I can assure you one thing that is just poor marketing and sales strategy. 

If you get a marketing strategist they will not go around sending random people some messages.

An seo strategist will work together with your web developer and create a website that will attract your target audienc

having a marketer when designing your website

if it’s for business purposes, then you need to consider having a marketer when designing your website.

Your webpage is much more than just pretty colours, images and logo. 

There are four component of a website 

  • Architecture
  • Design 
  • Content 
  • Optimization   

    need of a marketing strategy for your website.

    need of a marketing strategy for your website.

Architecture involves the building of your site. We start with buying the domain and the hosting. 

When choosing your domain you need to consider some few factors. This is where the marketing comes in. 

SEO has a few guides for that. Well some developers will tell you they have an idea but you should be very careful. It’s your website so you should ask everything and let it be clear from the start what he will do. 

Here is what you will look at :

The name should be short and simple. 

Something easy to remember.Hyphen might look fancy but it’s just a complication that you do not want. 

While age is good when it comes to domain but you shouldn’t sweat it. After all, you are planning to stay in business for long

Hosting is something you should ask your developer. It will play a big role when it comes to site load 


Here is a list of some of the hosting that you should know. 

  • Blue host — best for beginners 
  • Dreamhost- best cheap hosting plan 
  • Hostgator – best scalability for price 
  • Hostinger – best cheap hosting price 


need of a marketing strategy for your website.

An SEO will explain to you the hosting that will not be good for your bounce rate.

Then after hosting now you pick your CMS. WordPress is the most commonly used CMS 


Next is the plug-ins and the layout that also has a seo touch as well. You need your visitors to have a great experience. 

Easy to read design and for navigation. Some blocks sometimes are put in wrong places, especially the back button or the next.

I am sure you have been to a website where you can see words but it’s impossible to read because of the design. 

If you are going to copy a design from somebody else’s website make sure the website is updated. 

Some colors were just good for the 90s and now they can’t work at all. 

If you want to go for a web designer that has just come out of college then that’s even better.

As long as the website developer knows what he is doing.

Designing of your website could be just the reason your website is not ranking yet . 

SEO and design work together well.  

Mobile- friendliness

Anyone who is going to create your site should be familiar with the importance of mobile.

You need to understand that most people would be looking at your website on their phones.

Google already talked about mobile friendliness as a ranking factor

 in 2015. 

Now is not a choice anymore, but a requirement. This is just because the number of people who are searching through the desktop has decreased. 

Another way to look at it is this, Imagine more than half of your target audience are in mobile looking for you

If it’s not designed for that then you have your number of what you are losing. 

Why is my website slow 

I get this sentence a number of times. While the answer can’t be given just straight away. 


need of a marketing strategy for your website.

Everyone is on mobile devices. You website must be designed with that in mind.

Just like those patients who walk into your office and says they are bipolar. When you ask why they will tell you it’s because everybody around them has been saying that. 

Perhaps it is just because he had been acting weird, which we all do sometimes. 

Just as you can’t prescribe medication to that person is the same way as an SEO can’t just diagnose your site with one look at i 

Although that does not mean that you wouldn’t find one that will do so. 

Now you might think that it’s just enough time, but that a chance you do not want to take. 

Most people are not patient enough. If they can’t be able to load into your site then some will also rate your expertise with your website. 

We are not our online presence but good luck explain that to a user you have not met yet

It should not be longer than 3 seconds. Page speed is not important to users alone but to Google as well.


Web, Google and SEO all evolve together. So when it comes to sitemaps. 

What is a sitemap. Well this is just the list or URL in your website. It gives google a road map or direction to your site.

It assists in faster indexing especially if you load pages daily, or you have thousands of pages.

So sitemaps assist with the crawling which if your design is not good for navigation then you definitely understand how it can create problems for you.

Trust issues

Gone are the days when mothers just touched their kids forehead and said “my kid has a fever”

Even stay at home mum will now just check the symptoms in google and with the help of chatbot in most sites.

They would be assisted within two minutes and they would go back to doing whatever they want. 

Yes, you might think it seems careless. Humans trust machines, and if google gives you the first doctor on the list that your next appointment will be.

People trust good accessible websites to have the right answer. The fake it till you make it doctors will just take your clients just because you thought you do not need an SEO.

Gaining is a huge part if you want to rank higher. First time impression if a user comes to your site and it does not load quickly. 

Then they will not get the chance to know about your Harvard degree.

If it looks old and outdated then that’s another point out. A good developer will let you know what to go for.

It’s hard sometimes to be told this is what your business needs when you think like he or she does not get it. 


Sometimes is just the old way of thinking that stops us from creating that website that everybody has been telling you about. 

A bad website gives you a bad name. No one wants to be associated with that. 

Well good websites are not cheap either but you got to know what stage you are in your business 

If it awareness the first stage so you need people to talk about you share you websites to other people. 

You have to work on creating something worth talking about.

People love to talk, create articles that will be shareable. Guess what, no one wants to share something that is hard to read and can’t load. 

Your website is your online store take note of that and treat it better. You also have a chance to experience the search journey.

How did you get that person that created your website?

Not having a marketer when designing your website is a mistake you can avoid now.

 It is completely up to you. It is important to know that marketers not only write and edit the actual website’s content, they also set brand guidelines and feedback on design.

Website content

A common mistake most people make with their web copy is spending too much time talking about how great they are. 

It’s understandable to want to highlight the accomplishments, 

distinctions, and aspects of your organization that make it great, this is not why your visitors came to your site.

It has been said before, – people want to know how your services will help to solve their problem.

We have lots of fraud that we can see through all your selling games. 

You can write everything that you do and use all the hard words in your industry. Unfortunately google is all about what a user enjoy. 

It’s about the visitors to your site. Make it understandable to anyone who is new to your industry. 

Starting from your homepage to the services page it should be easy for them to understand and navigate.  

Everything needs to be clear and they need to know what exactly it is you do from your home page.

I hope this helps you to know what you need for your website. How marketing is needed.  

There are a lot of marketing tools to help you with your SEO, have a look at Keyword tool for SEO as a health and wellness

Thanks for reading.


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