The best strategy you need to be leveraging on social media.

The best strategy you need to be leveraging on social media.

If you have social media, you need to learn the best strategy. You need to be leveraging social media. You must dedicate to a well thought out plan to maximize your brand.

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Let’s see the list of the best strategies you need to be leveraging on social media.

Are you consistent

Being consistent is something that is always overlooked. Having a consistency to build an authentic connection with your targeted audience should be considered.

best strategy you need to be leveraging on social media.

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You just do not want to look fake in front of your audience. Try not to deviate from your core topics; it can really mess with your brand voice.

Remember your audience is human, so make sure you connect well with them.

Post regularly 

Out of sight, out of mind. If you post regularly, you will stay fresh in people’s minds. Irregular posting damages you by keeping you off news feeds.

Have a conversation with your audience and be approachable.

Embrace visuals 

Social media platforms are very visual. Pick images that will stand with your brands, or the story you are telling.

Topics your targeted audience will be interested in.

Communities and groups 

Create specific groups that appeal to your audience. This helps your branding and assures the audience that you know what you are talking about.

Join chats 

Use chats to get conversations going. Use chats and hashtags to find people from your community.

best strategy you need to be leveraging on social media.

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Answer the questions, interact, and communicate with industry players and watch your follower-count increase.

Be where your customers are 

Avoid platforms where your customers aren’t hanging out.

LinkedIn is the best suited for B2B, while snapchat might be better for young adults. Focus on platforms that work for your target audience and master your content.

Promote your profile beyond social media 

You can promote your social media offline by:

Participating in industry events. run a booth and distribute physical content.

Include your social media on all products and services and in physical locations.

Reward followers with perks 

Even a private message with coupon, or a shoutout on your story goes a long way. Keep surprising them so they come to relate that with your brand.

Make sure when your name is mentioned, there’s something. Do not do this expecting something back in return.

Analyze and monitor 

Keep a watch online and analyze results……..

Check the internet for your name popping up anywhere – set up alerts and keep checking related hashtags for mentions.

Address and resolve negative comments as they rise. Do not remove any negative comments. Do not fake respond; if you do not understand, ask…….

Find out the new powerful way to attract traffic by Google

Find out the new powerful way to attract traffic by Google

We try to understand how Google works, and how its behaviour works. Google recently came with a new way to attract traffic.

In 2011, Google addressed thin content and keyword stuffing with Panda. You could say it tries to understand our language and know what people consider high quality content.

All these powerful ways to attract traffic by Google has always been up to us. After all, Google has always been clear that it cares more on the user’s intent.

Hummingbird of 2013 was an update that focuses on relations between search queries. You would attract traffic by Google if you focus more on giving the users answers to their queries.

I would say google is like a crush that you did not have an idea exist. A crush pays attention to  you.

New powerful way to attract traffic by google

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It understands humans, or at least tries to, by all the updates and goes deeper and focuses on identifying the relation.

Hummingbird even understands the various words that aren’t accepted by Google, it will interpret words like “gonna, aint, bro “.

The stuffing of the same keywords over and over; It updates that by acknowledging synonyms.

Example: if you are trying to rank for a word like [cat], you don’t have to attract traffic by Google just by repeating it several times. You can use tabby, feline and it will understand.

The most recent update BERT its about becoming closer to get human language at human level.  Berts uses contexts and relation of all words one by one.

Keen which is a new discovery way to attract traffic by Google. This is how Keen works. You pick a keyword or phrase or both and you start to make keen

Keen is more like Pinterest with Google. Keen helps you out with helpful content. Search engine is passive, Keen is proactive.

It helps curate and share ideas, but discovers more of those ideas. Keen is far more than a Pinterest competitor traffic popular.

Now with Keen, there is no more endless browsing. People are using this way to attract more traffic by Google.

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Keyword tool for SEO as a health and wellness

Keyword tool for SEO as a health and wellness

Keyword tool for SEO as a health and wellness

Are you struggling with keywords tools to use for your SEO as a health and wellness coach? Well if yes then we are going to have a look at way to tackle it.

A keyword is a word or phrase that a user enters into a search engine to accomplish a task. In general usage, a keyword normally implies just one word, but for SEO it can mean one or more.

When it comes to SEO, keywords are very important. This is how your target audience are searching for your services out there.

As a health and wellness coach you might be skeptical when it comes for having a keyword tool. You may probably know how your target audience( patient) might be searching for you.

According to Google there are 70,000 searches each minute regarding health. A keyword tool will assist with how different people will be searching for your services.

We already know the millennial buyer gets everything from search engine. It might sound unfair maybe that you are an expert and you still need a search engine to show that you are.

Google wants to ensure that your content is the best answer to give a user. Your goal is to ensure that your web content looks relevant and authoritative.

tool for SEO as a health and wellness. Three scrabble pieces with SEO initials.

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Therefore that how Seo comes in . SEO help you site to show up in search results.

SEO has three part:

  1. On page
  2. Off page
  3. Technical.

Off page will be more about the things that will help you rank but outside the website. Social media and guest blog post are a great example of that.

Technical is the thing inside your site that will help google understand your website. This is more how it’s translated to the machine.

On page is all about everything that is in the website, Mostly content. Writing content that will be found in Google will be depend mostly with your keywords.

Well it can be a little bit hideous working on that. With a great help of tools that can make the process easy and fast.

You just have to know what will work for you best and with a great interface.

Seo success will depend on a number of things. Keyword is just

one of them. Having keywords help structure your site and help google to rank you for.

Read this article SEO myths that you should not listen to (digital marketer)

There are three words of keywords

  1. Navigational
  2. Informational
  3. Transactional

Early progress is seen at a keyword level first, because you can see a rise in ranking before.

  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Sales generated

Examples of some tools for SEO as a health and wellness

SEO Monitor

Offers keyword ranking and the ability to benchmark how well you are doing against other competitors.

You can also hook up your google search console to help find missing keywords. It’s the only tool that offers reports on mobile ranking.

It has a friendly dashboard that present the data you need with the click of a button.

  • WhatsMySERP

It’s a quick and free way to rank your keywords. While it works most of the time, it is not always reliable.

  • Wincher

A low cost, good quality, and educated keywords ranking checking tool. It’s a good value option.

  • RankTrackerPRO

Low cost, good quality and educated keywords ranking checklist. It checks your whole site for problems and tells you how to fix them.

  • Keysearch

Keysearch is easy to use well I have to say it was of the first toll I tried. A friend of mine recommended it and uptown now still using it. You just have to set an account and give it a try.

It has free trial that you can try before subscription. Most tool will have this option. Will show you how difficult or easy the keyword you choose.

It will give you the result of the people that you will be competing with the same keyword.

  • SEMRush

It is one of the leading tools for competitors keywords research. It has a free version, but the majority of the features are only available with a subscription.

It offers data into the SEO tactics of competing brands. It has expanded social media reach. It allows you to understand the page better and optimize it for better lead generation.


Compare each tool and decide which works best for you. SEO is a wide topic; it takes more than just keywords to optimize your site.

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The mistake of not having a marketer when designing your website

The mistake of not having a marketer when designing your website

According to google, the world is searching for how to start business now more than ever. I have seen so many new websites which are pretty, but also made me ask: were you having the support of a marketer when designing your website?

Probably it has not crossed so many minds. Let me quote a friend of mine, who told me after i asked her the same.

having a marketer when designing your website

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The eyes are the window of the soul. …

I understand the need of a website to be easy on the eyes. if it’s for business purposes, then you need to consider having a marketer when designing your website.

In that quote the eyes represent the website and the soul the business.

List of what is needed to have a website

  • HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are the basic “languages” of websites, and you need both to make a good website. …
  • Website Scripting. Every website needs some scripting in the form of e.g. Javascript. …
  • Web Browsers. …
  • Domain and Hosting. …
  • File Transfer Protocol. …
  • Optional: Analytics Software. …
  • Optional: Search Engine Optimization. …
  • Optional: Validation.

Note that having a marketer when designing your website is completely optional. It is completely up to you and depending on your needs.

It’s is important to know that marketers not only write and edit the actual website’s content, they also set brand guidelines and feedback on design.



A  common mistake companies make with their web copy is spending too much time talking about how great they are. While it’s understandable to want to highlight the accomplishments, distinctions, and aspects of your organization that make it great, this is not why your visitors came to your site.

We’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – people want to know how your company will help to solve their problem.

We have lots of fraud that we can see through all your selling game. I did write something about sales a while back. The kind of a sales person you should stop to listen for.

Let’s continue in the next article on why having a marketer when designing your website might be great for you.

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Different can be good maybe even an SEO basics in poem

Different can be good maybe even an SEO basics in poem

In my last article, I talked about How does it feel to do something that you do not like. I love writing stories and poems. Today I tried to explain SEO basics.

This is the thing though, as you will notice from my first article BECOMING ME. I have done a lot of changes as you can see with my site.

I have been writing about different things, but of late it has been changing and I am doing so much on Digital marketing. Which is what I do; a digital marketing consultant.

I know in every industry things do change, but with online, I would say you have to keep up.

Here’s a reason to rest easy about SEO: It changes so much that anyone who is out of the game has time to start fresh.

After all a poem is an expression.

Let me know if more should come, this is like a small definition if only it has at least the SEO basics.

Different can be good maybe even an SEO poem

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Seek and you shall find or just make it easy and hire an SEO

Expert of the digital forage or E for the engines which uses complex

Algorithms to determine whAt page you will 

Rank on the search results or  the r you can choose to Rank the poem, because it is about 

Content is king and engagement is the queen, you can Comment below . 


Since we are just starting or maybe is the end i tried and keep it short. It’s just the basic part of SEO

“If You’re Going to Post Content on Your Site Anyway, You Might as Well Take the Time to Make Sure Google Takes Notice of Your Effort.” – The Content Factory. 


“SEO Isn’t About Gaming the System Anymore; It’s About Learning How to Play by the Rules.” – Jordan Teicher.  


Let me know your reviews in the comments below. Thanks again for reading.


Increase your business sale with copywriting

Increase your business sale with copywriting

The process of writing advertising promotional materials is copywriting. Billboards, websites, brochures, emails, advertisements, catalogs and more, all that is done by a copywriter. Try and Increase your business sales with copywriting. Whether you’re a small-business owner, a medium-size business owner, or simply trying to break into the copywriting industry, you need to understand the fundamentals of writing. Skills to learn for free that can boost your resumé

Copywriting is another way of getting your income. Well-written copy can make or break an ad or marketing piece. With that in mind, copywriting can equate to either well-spend advertising investment or it can work in a different way and you loose a lot. You might Increase your business sales with copywriting

Increase your business sale with copywriting

Increase your business sales with copywriting


5 steps of becoming a copywriter 

  • Learn the basics of persuasive writing
  • Learn the core of copy writing
  • Develop and refine your freelancing process
  • Get your first clients, I would say this is the most crucial part
  • Get some leads while you are at it

In spite of all that, you should also consider some rulesif you want to do these professional. Language should be the first thing you need, especially English. An added language would be an advantage for sure. Checking on your errors should be something you can spot immediately. If you have another person who can check your work before publishing then that can be great as well.

“An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life – becoming a better person.”

Leo Tolstoy

“To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.”

John Henry Newman

In short nobody is perfect. Curiosity is part of the requirement as well as a wide vocabulary. Laziness will not be accepted since you have to do more research on every article. The ability to see different points of view will come in handy. The competition out there is something to watch out, after all writing started in 3200 BC. An interesting article I got on most prominent copy writers you should know.

In the end if you believe in yourself then you should probably give it a try. Thanks again for reading the article .

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