Keyword research

Now that you have a new site, you already have a lot in mind.

We will start by looking at the relationship between your domain and keywords and creating keyword domain.

It may be confusing as to whether or not you add keywords in your domain name.

Will it help my site rank? Will it make my site easier to find if I include keywords in the domain name?

I understand the difficulties that come with keywords research and I assure you it needs a lot of concentration.

After all, keywords are an important part of SEO. You will need them along the way to make the best of your site.

Keyword research can be very tedious and it is not as simple as just getting long-tail – and short-tail keywords.

We will create a long list of keywords and then filter down until we get the ones that fit your profile. Keywords are the first thing to look into before proceeding with on-page optimization.

  • First we will pick a topic and focus on analyzing it with how we want the site to be.
  • Second, we look at keywords with similar meaning and focus on what will five us the best quality.
  • The next step is to gather data/statistics, which will help us know how best we can reach our audience. This will help determine whether it’s in reach.

There are some useful tools which we can leverage to gather the required data, which we will use to pick the best topic and business. We will also check the relevancy score.

Are you ready to attract attention with your keywords?

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