About Me

Digital Marketing Consultant 

I have been in sales service alignment for more than six years. This combined with my digital marketing experience and knowledge, makes an ideal background to improve your online marketing strategy. 

The need to understand your customer before selling your products, or provide any service, is something I comprehend from start to finish.

We will create the perfect content to help solve your audience problems. Together with a well planned calendar, I will help you identify your brand, grow your social media presence and level up your SEO/SEM. We will determine the right keywords to make your site show up on top in all search engines.

 I understand it can be quite a journey. Believe me, I would have never seen myself working in this industry. Nevertheless I have grown into it, come to understand it and enjoy it. Now I want to help you successfully conquer this journey as well. 

Let’s take your digital marketing to the next level! 

 About me

Let me help you connect with the right audience, with the best channel for you.

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