About Me

Digital Marketing Consultant 

My name is Sakiina (Nami). My journey started as a copy writer. I had a 9-5 job but copy writing was my side hustle.

At some point I realised people wanted more optimised content. From there started looking into digital marketing and did a course.

I started doing digital marketing consultant for friends and I niche it down to Search engine optimization

Well SEO is the” long play ” when it comes to digital marketing , but the benefits when done correctly are lasting. 

My mission here is to maximise the volume of inbound traffic from search engine to a website. 

If there are 3.5 billion people in Google searching, meaning somebody is out there looking for your products and services. 

You are the expert in what you do and I am just helping you to connect with the right audience find you  with my SEO Action plan

This is accomplished through a combination of on-page and off-page techniques, including link-building, and social media strategy. 

Let’s get you the right target and relevant traffic.


Let me help you connect with the right audience, with the best channel for you.

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