Social media may not be the only way to generate leads. However, you can turn your social media into a grand brand.

With social media, all you have to do is download an app and start showing people your work and grow from it.


To maximize your brand, you need to be leveraging social media on all fronts. You need to have a strategy that you are following.

Influencer marketing 

You have to choose someone who will represent your brand. This person may either turn your social media brand to be grand, or spoil the reputation.

They should have a large, engaged, audience. The quality of the people that are also connecting with them is very important.

Pitch a campaign that builds your brand’s image, and also benefits them.

Get someone that will take over and run your channel for a day to entice their fans to follow you, so they can showcase your brand.  Check more on influencers in the article.

Why you need to be careful while choosing a right influencer

Consistent messaging 

Keep your messaging consistent. Use trial and error to find out which content resonates the most with your targeted audience.

Be consistent in your messaging. This will reinforce your brand image. The font, the colours, et al. Create a consistent theme on your page.

Optimize you profile 

Your social media profile should incorporate your business and its main message. Essentially, it should be a pitch for the audience.

Use keywords to make it easier for your account to be found. Consider altering your background, profile photo and theme colours to match everything in your brand.

Develop your voice 

Establish a common posting note. This will make your brand easy to be recognised. Build connections with relevant phrases, closely monitor others in social media, but do not copy anyone.

Stay consistent with the voice and more importantly, sound human; No one relates to a dull, robotic voice.


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