Ads is a familiar name when you are a digital marketer. Facebook ads has been running for a while now. So, are you making these mistakes with your facebook ads?

Facebook ads was introduced in Nov 6 2007. There has been question on whether it is worth it or not, but for sure that all depends on your brand.

These factors as well should be put into consideration. Are you advertising to people (B2C) or businesses (B2B).

Not just in ads alone, but even when you are not marketing, you always need an audience. It’s never smart to just put your message out there, and hope to reach the right people.

mistakes with your facebook ads

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List of mistakes with your facebook ads

Campaign objective 

This is what people do when they see your ads, so obviously this should come first.

No plan in place 

Now this should go without saying.  Facebook has a variety of options to follow effectively. This should be from selecting a targeted audience to setting up the ads.

Pixel installation 

This is one common thing that people tend to forget about. You want to start tracking the activities of your funnel visitors from day to day.

Make sure you place pixel in every step of your funnel.

Know the where 

Apart from Facebook, there are three different places where facebook places your ads. They are called placement: instagram, messenger, audience messenger.

Know where your ad will show up and make choices.

Wide selection of targets

How would you differentiate between interests producing your best results and the interest responsible for poor performance?


hands-woman-laptop-notebookKnow your calculations 

Your ads will not be shown to enough people, making it difficult to analyze results.

if you have a small budget stick to one ad.

Design skills 

You don’t have to be a designer or a pro but it sure helps when you know a bit. Read this article on skills Digital Skills with high demands now that you should know

If you are going to use money to find an audience, then this should go without saying. Make sure what they see will be worth it for them to take action.


I have made some of these mistakes as well. Going in with no plan and expecting a wider audience. Tracking should always be put in place, otherwise you can’t know for sure.

We can’t sell to everyone but we can choose the people we want to attract.

Have you made any of these mistakes before? Let me know in the comments.

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