Having a healthy competition is always a good thing. As a brand it’s always good to know how other retailers gain competitive advantage over you.

In as much as you can see what your competitors are doing, you shouldn’t copy everything to the letter.

That will make your brand not to be unique and we do not want that. visual search is something that has been used by most retailers to gain competitive advantage over you.

 How it work

This is how it works…. Let’s say you are in a party and you see a dress that you love. Then you reach home and decide to search for it on Google.

other retailer gain competitive advantage over you

Photo by Kyle Loftus on Pexels.com

A silver red dress is what you are looking for. So you type that on Google, you may or may not find the exact dress

Visual search turns your camera into a discovery tool. It will allow you to shop the real world online.

All you have to do is just use google lense and search with the image that you took. Then you will have the dress that you are looking for.

The brand has as to use the visual AI as well, to make sure that when a user is looking for their product, they find it without any confusion.

This is quicker than typing and speaking. It comes in handy when you do not have the words to describe what you are looking for.

You will search for the dress with the help of your picture and find the exact dress you are looking for.

So there are over one billion visual searches every month in Pinterest, Amazon, Google. 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual.

Did you know, when people shop, only 30% of them know what they are going to buy? The other percentage have no idea whatsoever.


As a brand, or retail shop, you should cover as many angles as possible with your product image. This will provide details and ensure that when people are searching, they will find yours.

Keep this in mind How you can save money in your brand by considering these simple tips

There are so many ways the millennial buyer searches for products. It is good to know your options. Now you know how other retailers gain competitive advantage over you.

I hope this was helpful, thanks for reading 😀

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