We try to understand how Google works, and how its behaviour works. Google recently came with a new way to attract traffic.

In 2011, Google addressed thin content and keyword stuffing with Panda. You could say it tries to understand our language and know what people consider high quality content.

All these powerful ways to attract traffic by Google has always been up to us. After all, Google has always been clear that it cares more on the user’s intent.

Hummingbird of 2013 was an update that focuses on relations between search queries. You would attract traffic by Google if you focus more on giving the users answers to their queries.

I would say google is like a crush that you did not have an idea exist. A crush pays attention to  you.

New powerful way to attract traffic by google

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It understands humans, or at least tries to, by all the updates and goes deeper and focuses on identifying the relation.

Hummingbird even understands the various words that aren’t accepted by Google, it will interpret words like “gonna, aint, bro “.

The stuffing of the same keywords over and over; It updates that by acknowledging synonyms.

Example: if you are trying to rank for a word like [cat], you don’t have to attract traffic by Google just by repeating it several times. You can use tabby, feline and it will understand.

The most recent update BERT its about becoming closer to get human language at human level.  Berts uses contexts and relation of all words one by one.

Keen which is a new discovery way to attract traffic by Google. This is how Keen works. You pick a keyword or phrase or both and you start to make keen

Keen is more like Pinterest with Google. Keen helps you out with helpful content. Search engine is passive, Keen is proactive.

It helps curate and share ideas, but discovers more of those ideas. Keen is far more than a Pinterest competitor traffic popular.

Now with Keen, there is no more endless browsing. People are using this way to attract more traffic by Google.

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