Choosing a brand name can be a bit difficult. What if you get a guide to take your brand name to the next level?

Naming your brand is usually very hard and can be emotional as well.  Your name has recall and has a potential to be anything you want it to be.

You have to connect with it as well. In as much as you have to go with something that will bring audience to you and connect with them.

At the end of the day it will be staying with you. You can also choose to protect it legally so that noone can ever take it.

There are categories to take that brand name to the next level: 


This is a type of class of products or services; they are the weakest of all names and cannot be granted trademark protection.

Eg. Hotels. com,


take your brand name to the next level

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This conveys an idea of the ingredients, qualities, or characteristics of the goods or services.

Just from the word, it describes it rather than suggests.

E.g. All bran cereal, flat rate moving.


These are the kind that seems generic, but it can be legally protected because of their out-of-context use; examples: “Shell” and “Apple,” two big companies that are not using their names to sell either sea shell or Apple fruit respectively.  


These may, or may not, have inherent meaning other than the one assigned to them. Most have this in mind. We want to be fancied…

Examples Kodak


These evoke or suggest a characteristic of the underlying good. They tell the user more about the brand itself.  Preferably you do not need to explain why, what, and how.









Picking a name is entirely up to the brand owner and the people involved. It helps to have ideas on what to choose.

Branding exercise for every startup to keep in mind more on brands…..

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