We all have different goals in life. Sometimes we need to find our way back after stagnating in our jobs or career.

A career will just give us a sense of direction or a road map.  Sometimes it is just a way to attain a certain status in our lives.

find your way back after stagnating in your career

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It has happened a lot that we find our way back after a stand in our career only when things have really gone bad.

It can also happen when we realise we have a lot on our plate and we need to make more. It’s good to admire nice things in life.

Ask for help

If we have someone to guide us from time to time, it would be really helpful. More help on that in Eye opening ideas for a mentor

if you are just starting out, look at how others are succeeding and ask questions. Put your ego aside.

If you want to improve, you must be content to be thought foolish and stupid. Epictetus


There’s no end when it comes to learning.  The more you learn, the more your chances are to earn.

Try to learn some new skills, make sure you are valuable. Digital Skills with high demands now that you should know

You need to be an expert in your niche/role. Keep your game up.

Learn from your competitors 

Competitors should not freak you out, instead they should be there as a reminder to know what you need.

Let’s say in sales there’s always that person who hits the target. Instead of being mad or jealous, get to know the tricks.

There are lots of digital marketers nowadays, find someone to discuss the tools they are using to share valuable information.

Make a plan

If you know where you want to be, it is easy to work on something. Work smart and hard.

Every action should count toward reaching your goal. If you know your weakness then you know what to work on.

Go slow, don’t make big impossible targets. Know your limits.


Remember this can happen to anyone, so do not feel shy about it. Be what you want to be and follow your dreams.

Have you ever needed to find your way back after stagnating in your career? Thanks for reading ☺️

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