Are you struggling with which keywords tools to use for your SEO?  Well if yes then we are going to have a look at way to tackle it.

A keyword is a word or phrase that a user enters into a search engine to accomplish a task. In general usage, a keyword normally implies just one word, but for SEO it can mean one or more.

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Seo success will depend on a number of things. Keyword is just one of them. Having keywords help structure your site and help google to rank you for.

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There are three words of keywords

  • Navigational
  • Informational
  • Transactional

Early progress is seen at a keyword level first, because you can see a rise in ranking before.

  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Sales generated

Tools used for keywords

  1. SEMRush
    It is one of the leading tools for competitors keywords research. It has a free version, but the majority of the features are only available with a subscription. It offers data into the SEO tactics of competing brands. It has expanded social media reach. It allows you to understand the page better and optimize it for better lead generation.
  2. SEO Monitor
    Offers keyword ranking and the ability to benchmark how well you are doing against other competitors. You can also hook up your google search console to help find missing keywords. It’s the only tool that offers reports on mobile ranking. It has a friendly dashboard that present the data you need with the click of a button.
  3. WhatsMySERP
    It’s a quick and free way to rank your keywords. While it works most of the time, it is not always reliable.
  4. Wincher
    A low cost, good quality, and educated keywords ranking checking tool. It’s a good value option.
  5. RankTrackerPRO
    Low cost, good quality and educated keywords ranking checklist. It checks your whole site for problems and tells you how to fix them.


Compare each tool and decide which works best for you. SEO is a wide topic; it takes more than just keywords to optimize your site.

Thanks for reading.

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