There are up to 2 million apps available in the App Store alone. What do you do before downloading and app?

Do you think you need to do a little research, or since it’s there somebody must have checked it out?

Just so you know, Google can help you check if the app is harmful or not. More on that when you want to check out an APP.

Read this on both ios and android

before downloading an app

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Know that Google is doing its best to make sure these malicious apps don’t make their way into the Google Play Store.

You should also do some check ups on your own before you download an app.

You have to know that some apps read the content of your clipboard. So when you copy data, they will read it including password that you copy from your password manger.

What is the use of having a password if it’s not protected? Or is this just for the people around you? ☺️.

Let’s not get into that for now. We all have our reasons for passwords.

A while back, I wrote an article Try the happy social App. Download it for more fun.

We have all been reading these stories about TikTok being banned in some countries. It was great for the content creators, some people are still using it though.

With iOS 14, it’s easier to recognize when apps try to access the clipboard, as it will warn you. Tiktok, for example, will read the content of your clipboard every time you start pasting in the comment replies field.

Potentially, it could send this information to a server located anywhere in the world. When it comes to our credit cards we mostly copy and paste the information whenever we need to buy something.

Protection is the first necessity of opulence and luxury.     

Joseph Conrad

Knowing your options is always good. Content creators should be more careful with how they want to get their leads.

Thanks again for reading ☺️

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