Apart from posting picture and video for growth. Instagram can do a lot more. Regardless of why you have the account we all want to know the pillars of instagram success.

Common commenting mistakes in instagram

Common commenting mistakes in instagram

Marketers, content creators, brands, even celebrities, we all want to show our presence. When chief Adam Mosseri announced that the company would start removing likes on posts.

”We are removing it because only a small number of people use the Following tab regularly. Additionally, we’ve heard from people that they think the Following tab is a very hidden feature that they don’t find to be very useful, especially when compared to a similar feature like Explore,”

That’s how their spokesman said it. It made celebrity so angry; who would have thought?

It was not taken really well as you can see. So how do you get noticed when you are not a celebrity?

  • Pick a Niche
  • Have Your Own Aesthetic
  • Use Hashtags Wisely
  • Don’t Post Too Often
  • Interact With Your Community
  • Use Instagram Stories
  • Post Multiple Images at Once

So what exactly are the pillars of instagram success?


Content is king. In instagram you have to put useful content. If you are in photography, then make sure your pictures capture the audience.

If you are a good food blogger, share tips on eating habits. Show them how much you know and give them a reason to follow you or come back.

pillars of instagram success

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Add value to your audience. It’s alway about them. Like the said customer is always right .

You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.

Jim Rohn

We all love valuable things. Educate people, show them how to do it. Do not be afraid that they will grab your business or your ideas.

It’s not like you will be saying something new to everyone in the world. Educate them.


Getting Instagram engagement is more important than ever. Engagement is one of the metrics Instagram uses to determine where your content shows up in your followers’ feeds.

When your followers consistently comment and like your posts, Instagram sees it as a sign that they want to see more of your content.


Authenticity and networking are also part of the pillars of instagram success. You can take inspiration from post, but make sure you add your perspective to it.

Do not copy/paste. Make sure you post what is relevant to your audience. Thanks for reading☺️


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