A continuation from my previous article The mistake of not having a marketer when designing your website .  Now that we understand the reasons marketers are important in our website.

I will give other functions of marketers in your website. Like i said before it’s completely optional.

having a marketer when designing your website

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Writers often resist working with marketing editors because they see it as a destructive role in the creative process. And, in many ways, it is. Inexperienced writers, or writers without a marketing background view the marketer as someone who ruins their work, tells them ‘no’ and takes the copy they’ve laboured over for hours and cuts it to the bone.

The end product is almost always better. Let’s be honest, there’s a reason why everybody has a different job. We can’t be good at everything.


All brand marketing strategies should be guided by establishing a company vision, determining a target audience, creating consistency, and communicating emotion. You definitely need this in your website.

list of what branding does to your site

  • Recognition
  • Credibility
  • Talent
  • Connection
  • Equity
  • Confidence
  • Consistency

These are things your site should not be missing. It is all about how you put your message out there.


If content is king then engagement is queen. Your site must engage with the clients that you want to visit the site.


We know in the internet world, it is all about updates. You have to keep monitoring this. Time on site is really important. Usually, there’s a correlation between the time a user spends on your site and the likelihood that they’ll convert or make a purchase.

Bounce rate. That’s the percentage of how many users leave a page after visiting that page. So if I was on your “about” page and I closed out, that would be the bounce rate percentage of the about page. There’s is more when it comes to monitoring the site. 


It’s the art of creating and continuously improving websites to improve the visitor experience, which is going to help result in higher visitor satisfaction, user experience, and high repeat visit and conversion rates. So it involves a lot of aspects. 


All of these things work together to create a more optimized website experience. It’s going to also help users find the information that they’re looking for and lead them to make a purchase, sign up for your email list, you know, whatever else you want them to do. 

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