We have all been using personal message, private message, or personal chat with friends, family and sometimes potential clients. Replying to those DM especially to a potential client might be pushing them away.

Do you know or think there is more you could have discussed, to understand each other’s point of view? I guess the real question is: how good are you in messages?

Let’s say you are, you are still wondering how you lost some of those clients. Sometimes people  will just cancel on you. In my last article, I wrote about Best product management tools for your brand to use,  

I list several communication tools, but let’s face it; with the internet world, we get our clients from different means of online communication.

Replying to those DM

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There’s a great chance that you are losing more than you can imagine and following are the reasons

  • Its difficult to communicate effectively
  • The sales process could be drawn out over several days
  • The client will be more price focused
  • It is difficult to show examples to build product value
  • it’s a lot harder to handle the clients objectively
  • Much harder to create rapport with clients

This is quite a list, perhaps we can have a look at a way that might solve some of those issues. It’s good to have everything in the table especially for brands

Replying to those DM with a video

We only send DM to people we are somehow interested in. That means DM is an enquiry to get to know more. Information that is not displayed.

Your goal must be to give the potential client the best experience possible. Even though we can post daily, and all the information is there, you can’t tell someone to look for it.

Having them in videos enables you to diagnose the right problem, offer the best solutions and come up with a proposal very quickly.

You want to direct the conversation away from the DM and into video call and organize one asap.


Replying to those DM with a video

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Send them a calendly to reply to those DM 

Calendly is a great tool that allows you to send a link to an enquiry for them to select a time that suits them for their video consultation.

This should not be however given as the first reply. Show them that you are interested in them. The only way to help any person is to have a few details of what they are doing.

If you are applying to them and they are not online, they will always have a link to get back at you. That way you don’t seem like you just ignore the DM.

We all know how we send messages to people when we see them online and yet they do not respond. The link also helps with back and forth messaging.


Zoom link

The most downloaded App during the covid times. It has proven to those who were not using it before how easy and effective it is.

The screen sharing is good since you do not want to send your work report to a new person. We know the internet can be a scary place at times.

Zoom will link with your calendly booking system to auto-book the video call link and email to the client.

This means the client has to do so by booking at a time that is set-up for them and convenient for you as well.

Besides, a booking is a show of interest and a possible convert.



After going through the process now, all you have to do is show up to a meeting early. You know yourself; do you explain by examples, do you make jokes, or are you friendly.

If that is the case, then make enough time for what you want to bring across. Sometimes people tell you that our time is up when you are still talking.

Make it known that you might follow up; that’s if the option is available. Be more human, even if you are making your sell.

You must be thinking: I will not be talking to everyone that DM’s. Just try to look human in every DM and comment out there.

Education should not be about building more schools and maintaining a system that dates back to the Industrial Revolution. We can achieve so much more, at unmatched scale with software and interactive learning.

Naveen Jain


We should really try to be more approachable and interactive ☺️



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