A milestone is a significant event in your life.  I am sure you have seen people showing their post. You have probably wonder the strategy being posting their milestone maybe in social media or blog post.

Normally it will be about thanking their followers. Maybe you have been asking the question why people do that. Yes it might be about showing off but not in a bad way.

The strategy behind posting milestone

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Here is a list of strategies behind posting milestones

  • Impression

There is a strategy behind the milestone posting and talking about an accomplishment. It’s a great way to promote to new users how fast your page is growing.

We know pages do not just grow out of luck. It’s hard work and effort. Apart from Giving people confidence to show that you are worth following, it also tells them that

they can actually learn something from you. Plus you also get to know The kind of community you should be engaging with online


  • Reference 

Having a history to talk about and your own reference it’s great. You can’t track what you are doing if you do not know the journey.

We all start somewhere and we all have a story to say. Our story are the best history to learn from.

Our growth trends and which story, batches, post of content gained the most result and what you should stick to or change to.

  • Boost engagement

Celebrating post get a high volume of engagement. Everyone want to be associated with success. In writing you do it by engagement and comment.

You are giving your audience the opportunity to celebrate your success with their comment.

  • Post share 

People love to share a success story . It act as an encouragement to show that you have hope. People will follow a story they have seen that is going around.

  • Taking a break 

If you are posting about a success story or any achievement

The strategy behind posting milestone

Photo by Dobromir Dobrev on Pexels.com

Then it’s easy to say that content does not need a lot of research. You are telling your story and you know better.

Content creation is tough, we might enjoy doing it, but that does not mean that it’s easy peasy.

If you have to post about milestones, then it is a great way to make a hitting content without a lot of time being invested.

These are just my findings on the strategy behind posting milestones. You might have your own ideas, I will be happy to hear them from the comments.

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