Content is king and engagement is queen. There’s countless varieties of content. Sometimes we run out of content ideas.

If it’s part of your job as content creator or a marketer to always create something.

Ways to come up with content ideas

Ways to come up with content ideas


  • Editorial-based content. When you must tell a relevant, valuable story. Must be informative, educational, or entertaining.
  • Marketing-backed. This type of content may have sales and marketing objectives that a company, association or a corporation is trying to accomplish.
  • Targeted toward a specific audience. If you can’t name the audience, then it’s not content marketing.
  • Multi-platform (digital, audio, video events). Does not have to be integrated.

There are so many ways to attract eyeballs online. As you spend more time reviewing the competition, pay attention to different ways they use for their content.

Content marketing is that previously produced content can be repurposed in many ways to minimise new creation and maximise impact.

One of the reasons we create any content is to get the message out as much as possible. If you are writing about yourself and your life or personal experiences.

“Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Personal stories are nice to be told by oneself.


Making content should not be hard for Brands

User generated content gets higher rankings than an organization’s home page. This is due to popularity.


  • Message boards
  • Product reviews
  • New uses for your product or services AKA “hacks”
  • Testimonials or case studies ( how to )
  • Social media pages
  • Twitter feeds
  • Video contest submissions
  • Q&A interviews, IGTV lives
  • Online groups or communities like LinkedIn.

Many organizations have a following, or base, that will happily create content if given the web space to do so. Some organizations are afraid of user generated content for a variety of reasons.

Ways to come up with content ideas

  • Get your reader’s preference: Monitor your social media to know what’s trending and to know what your audience needs.
  • Connect with emails: Get in touch with your email contacts, get to know what they want from you send them emails to get feedbacks
  • Use of analytics: Get your top performing post and see and know what your audience like
  • Check your competitors: The third strategy is to learn from your industry peers. Do not directly copy their work. That is stealing, you can even have a talk with them. Competition should not be your enemy, but someone to keep you motivated.
  • Creating marketing personas: The fifth strategy is to create marketing personas. Your marketing personas will give you ideas on what content to create and share on social media.

Not everyone is going to be with you.  That should not discourage you from doing your best.

Content Is King, but Marketing Is Queen and Runs the Household.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

Let me know if this was useful. Thanks again for reading?


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