When we are young we all have ideas on what we want to do. Later we choose something different. At some point, we decide to take something just to make ends meet. How doe it feel to do something that you do not like ?

How doe it feel to do something that you do not like

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Life can be frustrating as it is, but the worst thing that you can do is waking up every morning to go to a place that you hate.

I do understand that sometimes we do what we have to do. How many of us are willing to find their own niche and go for something that they love.


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Let us say you are blogging; are you doing so because you heard there is a lot of cash to be made in that? We have to earn a living but the best thing that can happen to you is doing what you love.

Having a talent and deciding that you will make money from it. Learning something new

Motivating yourself into something new. Being self motivated is not a strategy for success. We know motivation comes and goes. Someday we wake up and feel like you should just stay in bed.

Do you know what stays regardless? Habits. What if your habits would be making you money for instance that will be great.☺️

With lots of  Gamers nowadays also earning a lot, I bet you wish you could be stuck in that sofa and play some more. Probably now you would be a pro.

In fact just recently Nintendo was out of stock

I learned that from my son.

List of formulae on how to find your niche. 

  • Evaluate your passions and skills – this might be so simple but you might be surprised by how many people are struggling with this.
  • Figure out if there is a market on the leash
  • Narrow down your niche
  • check out the competition
  • Final thoughts

like they said it’s never too late.

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