Tempting acts that can course affect your social media page-Digital marketing

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We are all human and sometimes we might get tempted or be distracted by what is happening in social media or any  platform. Blaming the algorithm of the app. What are Tempting acts that can affect your social media page for digital marketing means.

Anytime a new app is introduced most people are reluctant at first until they see another person getting something out of it then we all rush to it.

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The only way to understand the app is by learning and taking it step by step. However when we see no changes or no one is following our account then we get tempting acts that can affect your social media page.


Over posting or no posting

You should definitely stop posting if you are really struggling to keep up with posting. Feeling stuck with ideas or you do not have any direction at all.

We know doing something over and over without getting help is the definition of insanity.  Create an idea ask for help if you need.

The secret is to never over do it. Not unless you are in Pinterest or Twitter  where you can repost more than three time a day.

Myths and misinformations

There is a myth that you need to have 30 hashtag in instagram for every photo. This however is not the case.

You have to ask people to follow you or like their post and they will eventually follow you. When you say it loud does look like a bribe.

Are reading other peoples articles or are you just a machine moving liking one by one. We are so stuck in having the most and forget the whole reason we started whatever we are doing.

Be human, get to know people share their story.

Ignoring people some will comment your post but since you have no idea who they are you feel you do not have to respond.

Myths and misinformation that can affect your social media page-Digital marketing

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Whichever platform you decide then you have to check your results. Analytics assist you to know what to focus on or what to avoid.

You understand if you are bringing value or not. Help you check your competition and make necessary changes.


Buying followers

This goes without saying you can’t be smarter than google or algorithms.  Some people will approach telling you they have noticed you and they think you are doing a great job.

And the next sentence that will follow we will help you reach this people you just have to pay this much.

That just buying followers it does not matter who approached you. It is even sad that some social media manger will tell you the same.


Hardworking and being patient is the key to any industry or job  that you are doing.

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