The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything. When it comes to the online game, some mistakes can really cause you dearly. We can not be perfect, but we can try the best we can and learn. Online communities can be great but just like any other relationship, this one as well, you have to communicate by commenting. So what are the Common commenting mistakes in instagram?


Common commenting mistakes in instagram

Common commenting mistakes in instagram 

Anytime you leave a comment, you are creating potential Ingram links back to your profile. What you say in the comments, is the difference between someone checking out your profile and getting  the chance to follow you. Or them deciding that you are not worth much in that case, They scroll right past you to someone who is yikes.

You show people who you are everytime you comment on their post. It might also look like you didn’t care much or you didn’t want to try. You can even check the comments that are already there to have an idea on what to say. Certain ideas on the Common commenting mistakes in instagram

The list

  1. One word comments:  think of it this way: someone has truly spent an ample amount of time to post; you can try and appreciate it.
  2. Leaving emoji only:
  3. Never promote yourself or your products: This has always looked funny. We should use our DM/s, much and let people we want them to follow us or check out our page.
  4. Don’t be rude: If you don’t want to say something about the post, just better stay away. We are different; and thats okay.
  5. Stop typing hashtag with the comment
  6. Don’t go off comment with the post.


Examples of a few comments you can write 

“wow, nice post”

what’s nice about the post


what are you agreeing to that

“Thank you ”

what  are you thanking someone for?

I sometimes get so involved and write a whole novel, so don’t be like me… i think it is just a human thing to care and treat people the way you want to be treated.

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With that said, I hope this was somehow helpful. Thanks for reading.

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