The term community might have several meanings to you. I know some of you might have found their love life online. Honestly, i do admire people who just meet online and continue from there. I must say these are the few people who still believe in humanity. Strong people indeed, not being sarcastic but only a brave person will do something like that. The kind of community you should be engaging online.

We all have different reasons being online. I am a digital marketing consultant ,so it’s safe to say that I am always online. It’s part of my job. So today before I start giving “my opinion”, I will say how i feel about the topic and the kind of community you should be engaging with online  that’s if you are like me: learning online.

When i say learning online, I mean I have learned a lot from my online community. Like i said, I follow Gary Vee . I admire the guy i know we all have our own preferences. I have been listening to his podcast, following him in instagram. I admire him. Being human sometimes when i listen to him i ask myself: is this guy sincere, do we want to be like him, or is he just telling us what we want to hear?.

It’s human to question things. Sometime being human means you have to question things and learn on your own. I just read an article from Pooja G, a blogger that i follow talking about how people fake mental health. If you are wondering or think i am naive, I would agree with you and say: I have never thought of a reason why someone would lie about their life or create something so that people would follow you.

The kind of community you should be engaging with online

The kind of community you should be engaging with online 


What comes in your mind when i say the word engagement, a friend of mine who was next to me said the word kind of reminded her of marriage. For me it means talking with random people who we share common interest with. The google defining  you can check out here. 

So when you choose to engage with someone online it means you are entitled or have come to an agreement. From my understanding, it’s okay to ask this person if you don’t see them online where they are. Honestly, the thought that mostly comes  to ur head is that that person has given up.

I follow this lady  maeketithappen she is a social media marketer; she texted me and asked me where I am. This was different, growing up I have always had a me time, where i get to disappear from everyone and i just stay by myself. i always cal it me time or rebuilding myself.


Awesome! Having a productive time thats great. Ive been well, thanks sweets. Awe, yeah coz i noticed you arent posting much these past days so I was wondering
April 22, 2020 5:33 pm
maekithappen's profile picture

Reacted to your story: 💯.

This meant a lot, and reminded me that i am following the right person. We are building a community. If you don’t show up foe like two day how many people are they going to wonder where you are. The best part is that we are both in the same location, both doing the same job, you might call us competitors but for her she asked.

For some it make sense if my competitor is not there i am the only person left  so let me go on and when you are back i will be 10 times ahead. Like my title the kind of community you should be engaging with online, are they teaching you something? or you are just following them for the fact that there are 10k people following that person.

So we have different kind of  community you can create online for you to even have an engagement.

  • brand engagement
  • Ad engagement
  • marketing engagement
  • media engagement

What is clear in the above message you can’t clear say it’s as if we know each other. T he best strategy on marketing is emotion. As human we tend to get soft with people who shows emotions toward you . Have a read of my article on The kind of a sales parson you should stop to listen for.  Human emotion has helped thousand of people close sales deals.

You have to agree when you are not around and someone notices then they change the whole  perspective you have on them.  After all the heart of engagement is ‘turning on’ a mind,” according to ARF Chief Research Officer Joe Plummer.

The kind of community you should be engaging with online

The kind of community you should be engaging with online


I promise to talk about more on this  Catch me on the continuation of The kind of community you should be engaging with online. I just write about my opinion wether it’s professional or not at the end of the day tis is just my opinion.

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