Time is the most valuable thing a man should spend on. Never let anyone waste that for you. Time quotes you should check. I have been a sales person for more than five years. It sounds cheesy, but you might be surprised how much a sales person can spend on something they had not intended to buy. The kind of a sales parson you should stop to listen for

Probably the title itself has put you off. I promise i had no intentions of doing so. Now with the bad economy i am sure we all want to save our money.  The second reason that might put you off maybe is because you have spent on things that you don’t want and you feel that somebody cheated.

The kind of a sales parson you should stop to listen for.

The kind of a sales parson you should stop to listen for.

Sometimes you just get conned in broad day light. I know a friend that was given a soap in a phone case and she was sure that she was the smarter one in the deal.

In most cases our mind tells us that we know better. At the end of the day my question is: “what kind of a sale person should you stop to listen for? .

Difference between men and women when shopping

  • Women like more attention when they shop, and they like salespeople who ask questions, know their merchandise, and make suggestions. Women will browse through several departments, and they’ll ask for help when they make their buying decisions.
  • Men usually know what they want, go directly to that department, choose their item, pay, and get out of the store as quickly as possible. They don’t like to browse, and they often don’t want much interaction with the sales staff, other than product information.

    The kind of a sales parson you should stop to listen for.

    The kind of a sales parson you should stop to listen for.

 Reasons you should listen.

A good sales person will know when to push and when not to keep going. In the end, it’s also his name at stake. Most shops will have a customer review and when you look around you will always see some name mentioned.  Well it might be that their relatives are giving support or they are just a genuine customer.

  •  Human beings are known to have a very short attention span, so the first 4 seconds if he doesn’t have enthusiasm, intellect or any expertise then you should not continue.
  • Are you intrigued? Did they interest you?
  • Logic, Have you ever been told why you need to buy something and how it will help you? People should buy emotions
  • They need to show you they need you as well. These things happen a lot in big companies. I am not accusing anyone here, i just say you will feel irrelevant like your money is not needed. That should never be the case. Walk away if this happens.
  • He should understand you, listen to you. I normally just hang up anytime someone is talking like he is reading a book. It should be clear that what works with one client will not work with all. Calls can be irritating when they call you and speak for some minutes without even asking if you can talk. That can be so annoying.
  • They should be able to explain in more than one way. If you show them you have time they should explain further.
  • Competing on prices. if you have agreed to buy then they think ah should have sold something more expensive. This is bad don’t fall for it.

These are just a few points I have, you might have more. The most important is to always be kind to everyone. If you are not ready to listen don’t be rude. A great salesperson should be able to have all the qualities and more. Sales can be Skills to learn for free.

What are the kind of a sales parson you should stop to listen for according to you let me know.  Thanks for reading!


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