The time you spend on your spare time is what we call free time. The time that you are free from responsibilities, I call it me time. Most people work for 8hrs or 9hrs for 5 days a week. In the UAE, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. How people spend their free time can have a great impact on your success or your life. It’s all up to you how you want to spend your free time.
Following are some of the points on how to use your free time.

Points on how you can use your free time

Points on how you can use your free time


For me, the only networking I do is on social media. I meet different kinds of people that I get to learn from. They tell you about their experience on social media. A friend of mine was just telling me she can’t understand how i have been working at home.

She has experienced working from home during the COVID-19 crisis and it’s a lot to handle. At work you can at least try to network with your colleagues; Learn some different things on different departments. In my past work, we had cross training, an opportunity to learn in other departments.

It also helps to understand other people and appreciate everyone who is working with you. LinkedIn is another way to network with professional people in your free time. Just make sure things are not one sided. You have to give as well.


A new study suggests that you might have more free time than you think you do. But when researchers looked into how people spend that time, the study also found that most people are hesitant to work out. Real reason why people are hesitant to work out  according to psychology.

Some of us just don’t like working out at home. Though I have been working out with Chris Hemsworth. Exercise is like killing two birds with one stone, taking care of your body and also using your free time nicely.

They take classes 

It’s always nice to invest in education. More on what else you can invest in and do in your free time you can find on Reasonable way of making money online. The most successful people in the world are the ones who make a commitment to never stop learning. Learning doesn’t stop. Online courses are not hard to find these days.

You can study in your own free time. Most online classes you just need to have an hour of your day and an internet connection. Just don’t underestimate the value of free online courses. At the end, it is up to you to choose what you want. Those are just a few points on how to use your free time.

Networking events are also a place you can go and get to know people in your profession.

Thanks again for reading, come back for me.

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