Customer service and sales was one of my first jobs after finishing school. I was there for a while and changed from sales to digital marketing. For some, it might seem like almost the same path. Although they are close to each other but I would say in my opinion marketing comes before sales. More on the difference between the two

The process of marketing
  • Research
  • segment
  • target
  • position
  • strategise
  • implement
  • measure

Sales on the other hand is the primary objective of the business. Digital Marketing is about getting your message through. I recently had to explain to my kid what exactly I do. In simplest terms, I had to tell him my job mainly is like telling a story to people over and over. Since I am a digital marketer, I get to tell it through different media. The industry is very dynamic and with digital error, things keep getting more interesting. You have to keep up, especially when it comes to social media. Social media has become the fastest and easiest way to spread a message. With different apps coming up, I believe you just have to pick the ones that will work for you. In my last article Try the happy social App. Download it for more fun, I talked about TIKTOK which I am still doing some research on.

sales and marketing

Digital marketing

With sales being a bit closer to marketing, I might say it has not been that hard. I have always loved to write, so one might say blogging has always been in me since, as far as I can remember, so it’s obvious I enjoy content marketing. Having said that, one might think that blogging is not that hard for me. The truth is before I used to write and will always get a response from people I know, or just by word of mouth. With blogging there’s a catch, there is a list of things for you to do before reaching the target you want. Some people would even see it as a joke. It has only been five months and some days I just end up staring at my laptop with no words. I am very patient, so I might say that comes in handy.

So far I am loving my new career I believe with time everything will be different. Thanks for reading and will keep you updated with my journey. So follow me for more.

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