Nowadays there are more websites, books and online communities for introverts than ever before. I have always been curious with myself ever since was young. I used to like to sit in the corner and read books alone and was loving my me time. Sometimes I was forced by other friends to play, but I would always find myself arguing with them, or just being in my own world. I would sometimes find myself coming back at home late and I couldn’t explain to my mum that I was just wondering alone for hours. I mean, that was not normal. I am happy things have really changed nowadays; I see my son playing by himself the whole day without getting bored. Like most of the questions nature versus nurture. Introversion / extroversion is one of the most strongly hereditary ones and it’s influenced by genetics.

With what is going on right now it’s so sad. On my side the curfew hasn’t changed much. On normal days, I work at home and I can stay even two weeks without going outside. I even went and got myself some weights so that I can workout at home. The gym, pool, and the beach is just 3 minutes from home, but I still go out in the morning when it’s quiet. I am happy to think that’s what counts in this life. I have promised myself that if things go back to normal, I will try and travel.

As an introvert you might want more social time one day and less another day and as long as you are within your ”set points” you are okay. But if the stimulation takes you beyond your upper set point (maybe going to a birthday party) we all know how drained you are going to feel. There are different types of introverts, so they all feel different in situations. I, however, was raised in a big family and wedding, birthday parties we had to attend. Showing up and being happy for others, I am used to that.

To all introverts with anxiety I do believe this is your time to be more active. Since you don’t have to be outside and meet, be creative and care, date, use technology to communicate and be you. Just as the extroverts never got tired of inviting us to all the parties, checking on us even after not answering their texts or calls, let’s do the same for them.

Just because there are times I come across as very confident and outgoing, doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with anxiety and negative self-talk“- Melissa

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