Have you met one of them
Those that grasp you with their sharp claws
Bring you down to their level
As soon as they see someone close to you
They will come in between yet they know well they have no intension of staying
Undervalue what you have and over value what others have
They see your sparkle and they expect you to hide it
Fools to think that you will shine less
Have you met one of them

Have you met one of them
Those that choke you and not in a pleasurable way
They just suck the air out of you until you can’t even utter a word
You soak yourself in sorrow not knowing what’s the next step
Yet they are somehow the victim and leave you to be the villain of the story
They see you moved on from what happened
The wolfs come again dressed in sheep clothing and this time they tear you apart before they leave
In their defence, you are kind because you need love, approval they are to tell you to keep a small circle
Have you met one of them

Have you met one of them
The one that sees you as the fine piece of treasure that you are
The one that sees your love as an incredible blessing
He will spend an eternity staring into your eyes and still give you the shivers
The one that becomes foolish just by your mere presence and mention of your name
The one that is looking for a word to describe what they feel for you
Yes I have and I said yes to him

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