I might be different in a way
Yet you fell for me
Perhaps you just saw something unique
Or does it mean I have done it again
Chose someone to play house
You have created a love that feels so real
I can tell the intimacy we have.

I might be different in a way
But I know I am not perfect at all
I can’t be, I still have scars left by other people
I am a little crazy and I over think things too much
I still dream of monsters at night, I mean how can I stop
I stop asking why they did me wrong
Because I now know that you can’t change monsters

I might be different in a way
For me monsters are not in the dark alone
They walk among us, dressed as family and close friends
They try to expose what is wrong with me
Just because they don’t want to accept what is right about me
Funny enough, they will still come and sit at our table and laugh with us

I might be different in a way
Maybe you are different as well, sometimes I believe that
I felt it in your hot wrist and shivered, you conqueror’s blood is as cool as a deep river
In shadows, all I feel is you; you cant be In two places at the same time
I mean this is a different feeling for me
Because I will have find my match

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