She has to be up so that they don’t miss their alarms
She can’t have her alarm she is afraid to wake them up
She has food to shop for, floor to mop
She has clothes to press, make sure she listens at how their day was
She still has to look desirable
Today, we celebrate her

She is young and not strong
Pinned down to the ground
He wanted her and he didn’t care that she wasn’t ready
Those few minutes felt like eternity
“you are so sweet, you are so pretty”
She is trembling, frozen by her own voice
He just took it away as if it was his to have
Who can she tell when she can’t even say it to herself
It didn’t matter when she screamed
She has to find a way to leave with that forever
Today we are celebrating her

She put on her heels to see her self up there
She has to be better because they tell her she is not enough
She comes up with an idea and they laugh to her face
They keep giving her tasks, expecting her to fail, but she was unstoppable
She goes back home alone she get her bottle and soaks herself in the bath tub
She gets a text from him that she has pride and she is too much
She is still looking for that promotion, that prince charming, if the shoe fits
They still think she doesn’t deserve the position and she had to use her felinity to get it
Today we are celebrating her.

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