The numbers keep rising
You are targeting everyone and show no mercy
We were wrong to think that you will be gone soon
That we will be telling stories of your arrival and departure
Did we ignore you, or just ridicule you
Is that why you are giving us a fight
What are your intentions

We were walking, we didn’t know it was supposed to be a race
Where is the start and where is the finish line
Did anyone hear the starter pistol
Fever, tiredness, dry cough; its your way to show your presence
Nothing can stop you, the old, the young, not even your other friends like diabetes and so on
Now we have to stay 3 feet apart
WHO is assessing ongoing research on the ways COVID-19 is spread
They will continue to share updated findings.

Parties, functions are being cancelled
How could this have happened, who should we ask
WHO, what’s the next step?
Are we informed enough?
Are we running away from the ones we love?
Are you going to be like AIDS?
How many have you taken so far?

We still smile behind the face mask
We try to go out and stay far from each other
We wash our hands frequently and try not to touch our faces
Since you have decided to stay
Then it means fighting and fighting means killing
Yes there is no fairness in war.
We have to win because you are the first nor the last
We have proven before with MERS and SARS that we can win.

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