Am here if you need a scapegoat after you have fucked up.
I mean, it’s easy to criticise a man when he is out of favours,
How was I able to tear down my wall
On your side theres is not even a crack
How am I even going to defend myself

Am here if you need a punching bag
I just assumed that
If i start bleeding you will stop
I never thought you will accuse me of standing on the wrong side.

Am here if you are crying
I should offer you a tissue but how can I?
But I was being considerate
We all need a shoulder to cry on.

Am here if you need to get something out
How can I leave you alone
Just with your shadow in the dark
But it’s not enough, because
You need someone to listen

Well I can’t call you evil
If we only mention the word in story books and movies
Maybe I just put myself out there too much
Especially when you have never said or done
Anything to show me that I should stay.

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