A few weeks back I went to this Bride show in Dubai. It was a very lovely experience. I got to know lots about different skin products. I got different vouchers that made me think my February was going to be busy, of course that didn’t happen. I managed to go to a spa though. That’s something I thought I should try. I didn’t try the vegan manicure yet, which I will, but I had to try first their facial. I was told the vegan treatment promises a cruelty- free mani. Practically it will be with fresh ingredients. I have never thought about what’s inside a nail polish and how they are formulated. So the difference between normal manicure and a vegan manicure it’s about the products they use.

Tips & Toes is one of middle east largest salons. https://sakiina.fester.io/2020/02/10/pleasant-way-to-get-your-brand-noticed/It was one of those events that you have no idea how they will turn out. In the long run, it ended up to be something that you wish you had done it before. It was an amazing experience I had with my sister.

Anti-aging moisturiser helps to minimise fine lines; it’s so effective that moisturiser is the secret ingredient in many anti-aging products. There’s that believe that anti-aging is only done to people who are old. You just have to prepare your skin before it starts to react. She told me things I should consider when picking an anti-aging cream.

You should always consider a broad- spectrum coverage and spa of 30C or higher. Give it a few weeks to work and see if there’s still an ageing sign that bothers you. Lots of us expect a cream or any stuff to act as soon as we have applied.

You have to concentrate on one problem after the other.

“The wait is as much journey as the motion, because it is pivotal ”

Innocent Mwatsikesimbe.

They also had the hammams, it’s similar to the Turkish one bath. Hammam it’s a Middle Eastern steam room bath experience intended as frequent ritual for cleansing the body. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures from the inside. In most of the spas and salons in the Middle East you really have to adhere by the rules, especially if there are other people. This was one of the best spas I’ve been to in Dubai.

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