I am one of those women who don’t wear make up. I have never even finished watching the make up videos of how to put on this and that. However, sometimes I feel like I have to; I don’t know why though. Sometimes I feel it’s my stubborn nature that’s not allowing me to get into that whole situation. Raw shea butter and I am good to go.

However I love jewellery and fragrances, ooh those ones I am good at choosing. I remember when I was young, I used to apply my dad’s. Little did I know that I would be with him all day. Like I said: dramatic short girl since I was young. Occasionally, I would wear lipstick with nothing else, but I don’t find that weird at all. On the bright side, I save time and lots of money. Very few people have such expectations. I also never got worried going for dates or waking up in the morning and opening the door. 

I still believe it’s a personal choice though. Growing up, I never saw my mum wearing make up. The only cosmetic she had, was eye pencil and that’s it. My sister on the other hand, is like a pro; she is really good. I love it when she does my make up whenever we step out together. After I moved to Dubai, it made me upgrade to wear a lipstick, as my manager would say it’s part of the uniform. I try to make an effort sometimes.

Last year, during my anniversary, I had a very bad experience. Since it was a special day, I wanted to look my best, or at least put in an effort. I went to book an appointment for some make up for the evening, in fact I had no idea what to do. The girl / “make up artist” there told me to get a look from any model and she would fix me as such. I called my sister and she told me it’s good for someone to at leat show you her work; you might have an idea of what she can do. I thought that it’s just that she didn’t want to disappoint me and since I clearly stated that I don’t do this much, she wanted me to choose.

I don’t know much about make up, but this was a red alert. I somehow found the layers of foundation, concealer and powder too “caky”. While she was doing it, I kept reminding and insisting: “please go easy” and I also kept asking her to show me what shade she was using. When it was done; oh my, I felt like screaming to the top of my lungs. I was so disappointed and pissed off. You may not know how I look like, but that was the result of my 45minutes make up.

She told me it would be okay in the light. She even said: “I am sure your husband is going to be amazed”. I kept my mouth shut, paid up and left. The worst part is that her colleagues in the salon were like it’s just okay. I understand that people want to save their jobs, but that was unkind of them and unprofessional. It was just 3 minutes to home; I got back and when my husband opened the door. “Hmmm” that was what he said. He asked: “what did she do, do you like it” he looked shocked. I told him I was also pissed, I wasn’t expecting this at all. I washed it out and it was hard. Plus I didn’t know it can be hard to remove make up. I had kept my husband waiting, so I just washed and the part that remained I decided to go like that. On the way he told me “you look beautiful,” he said of course. He is a darling that.

In the mall I never spend anytime with the make up people. I learned it the hard way. I still try to watch YouTube videos and I try to follow a few of them. Make up artists in Instagram, just in case I might need it someday. In the end, the day turned out to be lovely. We were at  Waldorf Astoria, a beautiful place, and had a great time; despite my half baked face. 

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