Don’t wait until I am panicking and drowning in the pool to tell me that you should have taught me how to swim; You won’t be my teacher.

Don’t wait for me to slip and fall to tell me you saw the place was wet. 

Don’t wait until you’ve wronged me to preach “forgive and forget”, “we all make mistakes” blah blah blah.

Don’t wait until I’m in flames to tell me not to play with fire, while you are burying my ashes.

Don’t wait until I am dead to tell me how proud you were of me.

Don’t wait for good news for us to celebrate together, I mean be there even in my worst moments and celebrate.

Don’t wait until am really sick and I’m hitting rock bottom just to tell me you thought of warning me.

Don’t wait for the storm of life to pass, we can still dance in the rain.

Don’t wait to for me to find my confidence to tell me to be strong.

Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how.

Don’t wait for people to be kind to you, just show the effects of you being kind to them.

Don’t wait for me to kill myself to ask me what was wrong.

Don’t wait for people to like your blank page, just write and one day it will get an eye that will sparkle.

It’s useless to tell me passion will ruin me after I am out of my mind. 

Don’t wait too long, “time waits for no man” and life will have taken an unexpected turn.

Don’t wait for your mind games to work, for you to tell me how you feel.

Don’t wait for me to kiss you, to let me know that you don’t feel the same.

Don’t wait for someone to text or express themselves first, because dating is like sharing chips.

Don’t wait for that one guy who is clearly not keen on dating you. Honey, put your profile on tinder and don’t limit yourself.

Don’t wait for that perfect job, a car, a bank account, or perfect weight to be happy. It has always been up to you to be happy

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