Time is here again for the amazing day that comes once every four years. A person born on the 29th of February, is called a leaper or leaping. Normally the chance of being born on any given day is 1 in 365. However, for our leap babies it’s four times that; plus an extra day. The odds are high; out of 1 in 1,461. It’s just 0.07 percent of the world’s population whom share a birthday. I am not sure whether all leapers celebrate their birthday every year, or if do they just follow the rule .

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  • 1468 – Pope Paul
  • 1960 – Anthony (Tony) Robbins, American motivational speaker
  • 1972 – Saul Stacey Williams, American singer, poet, writer and actor
  • 1976 – Ja Rule (real name Jefferey Atkins), American rapper and actor.
  • 1972 – Antonio Sabato Jr, Italian actor
  • 1964 – Lyndon Byers, Canadian hockey player


In other parts of the world, couples choose not to get married

during a leap year, which makes this year really tragic for those working

around it. There’s also a superstition that divorced couples who are

separated during a leap year, will never find happiness again. Now that’s another level.

According to an old Irish legend, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men – and not just the other way around – every four years. This was probably their way of “maintaining balance”.

In Scotland, there was even a time when the unmarried Queen Margaret ordered to impose a fine on men who would deny a woman her dream marriage. I wish it is how it was working in most part of the world.

Dreams are valid

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