Words can be twisted into any shape. For instance: housewife, homemaker and a maid. Whenever we mention either, it all comes down to taking care of the house. “A housewife’s work has no results: it simply has to be done again. Bringing up children is not a real occupation, because children come up just the same, brought up or not.” Germaine Greer. A housewife has been quoted differently in society, but we have never thought how it makes them feel. In most families, fathers are the bread earners and mothers play the role of caregivers. Most kids will always boast about their dad’s positions, but when it comes to their mothers, children don’t say a lot; that’s if she is a homemaker. A friend of mine once told me she is the husband’s wife but not the house wife as we call them. Labels are stifling.

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If you could confront anyone right now, you would agree that most of us are being thankless. A homemaker is defined as a woman who manages a home, especially as a principal occupation.  The word occupation is also defined as a job or a profession. While lack of employment opportunities may also contribute to the growing number of millennial women staying at home with the children. They are more empowered generations, yet they are more traditional than you’d think  SAHM  for stay at home mum. Most companies nowadays would give a proper maternity leave for women. Just the other day Finland announced plans to offer men and women equal paid parental leave. The changes will come into force in 2021. In as much as maternity leave is just short it’s a way to show we have to take great care of the future. We have still seen moms come under fire these days, no matter how good a job they are doing. Moms with careers outside the home are sometimes shamed and guilted about not spending enough time with their kids. We have all attended parties or gatherings if someone just mention they are SAHM, house maker or housewife, there will be either silence or a cheesy comment like “you’re so lucky, don’t you get bored”. Most people will show her that she does not belong or they have less to talk about. 

If you are a housewife / homemaker, take pride in that. I believe a mother is the biggest job in the world, but if its not your cup of tea then don’t do it. Different methods work for different people; as long as we are all trying our best and have our kid’s interest at heart. We may proceed with the way that we think is necessary, but just be thankful and appreciative.

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