Imagine 53% of women will dump, ignore, or even have big arguments with their partner if they do not give them anything onValentine’s day. It’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, at least that’s how most of us take it. We might pretend we are above the intensive publicity and cheesy moments, but I might say it may turn out to be a very intense day, especially if you’re working in the restaurant. 

I used to work in a burger place. You would think that this is the last place that would be full on Valentine’s day. I also thought that at first, but I am a burger lover, so I wouldn’t mind a place like that. They did make the best burger, oh wait I am supposed to say we. We had this guy who called in on the 13th, asking us and bleeding that he hopes we are not fully booked. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend and he loves the place and he is sure the lady will love it too. We obliged his request to put his ring inside our chocolate fondant. He told us he will give us the ring when he shows up, but we have to read the signals. It was part of what we did, making people happy. 

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The couple showed up on that day, they looked amazing. We had set their table really nice with some beautiful flowers. They looked so in love and he was right, she loved the burger and thought the idea was unique, not a cliché. They enjoyed their dinner and it was time for dessert, but just as the guy was going to order the dessert, the lady said she wants something lactose free. We had to get the chef to come with something just for the occasion. We had prepared the ring nicely in the cake, so they had to take it out. While they were doing this, the ring fell in the drainage. So we had to call the drainage guys to come and help us. We had to state that it’s an emergency, so at least they could hurry. While they were waiting, we had to give them some of our amazing champagne. At that time we were all keeping a close eye on the table. I for one was checking the price of the ring online in case the story would turn out different. They finally showed up; It took them at least one hour and it wasn’t easy. The chef de partie that had dropped it was really praying, lady luck was as well on his side because I can’t imagine him paying for the ring with his little salary. In the end the guy proposed and it all turned out well. 

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I remember, we had this couple one time. The guy wanted to propose to the lady, but one of our waiters ruined the surprise when he went to checking the table and said congratulation. The lady was amazed, wondering what he was talking about. As usual, things like this always have to fix it; probably returning the money if he they had paid for it, or come up with something. Valentine’s day has always put pressure on everyone. Now, with social media the pressure to be the best, or do the best, for your partner is just crazy. Some people go out of their ways to send themselves gifts pretending it’s from someone else. It’s a very human instinct, we all want to belong. 

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