The first Dubai shopping festival [DSF] was in 1996 and took a total of 45 days to construct before launching. Which makes this one the 25th one and I am glad was around to see it. People travel from different places all over the world just to attend the festival. It attracts over two million tourists every single year.

It takes you to an experience that goes beyond shopping with fascinating recreational zones and world class dining experience. If you are looking for a romantic gateway, or a perfect place to propose, this should be on your list. You will have a variety of fine dining and luxurious places to pick for a celebratory dinner. Plus if you didn’t get a ring before, worry not; There’s a place called Gold souk in Dubai, which gives you endless varieties to choose from. Plus it’s a very beautiful place to visit.

It is also a way to lessen the burden, even for the resident people. At least you get to buy your favourites big brands. The festival goes on for a month, so you can plan well and even start early in the morning when the malls are not full. Don’t kid yourself, because you can’t just wonder around, it’s a bit of a hassle. Who knows, you might become a millionaire by winning the raffle, or coupons they give in the stores during the DSF. If you are a last minute person, then you are lucky. You are in for a big sale even though one might argue that lots of items are unavailable.

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