The month of February is the second in the Gregorian and Julian calendar and the shortest. February comes from a latin word februum. It was a spring festival of washing and purification. When it was first added to the calendar along with January in 700 BC by Numa Pompilius, it became the last month of the year. In short February is a special month in so many ways.

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When you think of Valentine, you start to stress out on what you will buy for your partner. Thanks to Google, it is even easy; You will search and have some ideas on what to get. I remember back in the day, when I was dating this dude, he just told me directly what he wants. Little did he know, that I had already bought some ”silly” vest. When the relationship is still new, we go extra miles, but as time goes by we start to relax a bit. It shouldn’t be like hide- and- seek. So this holiday is a chance at least to show some affection. We should also cut some slack to our partner that didn’t do as expected. Assumptions are the termites of a relationship. We all want to have that feeling that someone cares and I matter. If this valentine is not yours, just relax and wait for the next.

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Like most women out there, I’m happy to say we just love to be pampered and get some appreciation. Just like kids love their parents, but that doesn’t stop them from running to them after work, expecting a gift. Don’t ruin the day by getting last minute flowers and chocolates. Since men have a tendency of ”forgetting” special occasions, this is not the day to act forgetful. According to Forbes, chocolate has been proven to be good for the heart. So you don’t have to go to that jewellery shop. No one would refuse a beautiful wrapped box of decadent cocoa morsels. We kind of expect it to come. Don’t be lazy and say: “It’s the thought that counts“. Trap someone. In fact, to be safe; just get to know what you partner wants. We do buy what we like, but when it comes to gifts, get to know what the receiver would want.

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