Nobody should ever claim pregnancy is easy. If you had a smooth one,you are lucky.its not just the back pain ,morning sickness and acne in your face. With conception comes unforeseen conditions that range form troublesome and terrifying to life threatening. What should be a celebratory occasion slumped into a fearful,worrisome and anxious experience; plus there’s is no guarantee that this will go away once you have given birth.

After my horrific experience of loosing my daughter,I was pregnant again after one year. I was still hurting,but had come to terms with my state.In some way, I was trying to replace her. Which it was a terrible idea but still my wish was granted.

The first week I was having cramps and bleeding and it was so painful 🥺,without the pain killers it’s just horrible. As if that was not enough I had migraines and still was just stuck with paracetamol, which of course was useless. I have always have insomnia at least that was not new but this time it meant to be stuck with my pain. Thanks a lot to my big sister she was really helpful. The father of my son wasn’t the supportive kind. He thought I was faking it or just exaggerating it. It was just me and my sister and we were both student so we thought it was best for me to go back to Kenya. Khartoum was beautiful and people there are so friendly would have stayed longer if life my life didn’t take other direction.

When was in my second trimester that’s when all hell broke loose, I was in excruciating pain. At the hospital the doctors told me I have a severe PGP(pelvic girdle pain) I was told be in wheel chair which I could not take it. I think that medical technology should help doctors quantify pain without relying on patients self’s report data. Maybe it’s already there now or it was back then but that would be helpful. I was told it take time to recover but they would tell me how to manage it. It’s eight years now although it’s not that painful as the start.

My due date was a not easy as well . The pain was still there plus my labor felt my body was exploding . I was freezing they put the heater but nothing help tried to put me warm, nothing worked. I was a happy and a very tired mother at the same time. Today am celebrating my son eighth birthday. Salute to all the women in the world. You have no idea how much your body can endure.

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