IMG world of adventure is the largest temperature controlled indoors themed entertainment in the world. If you have not yet been to that place, or if you ever visit Dubai, it should be on your bucket list. They say that the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely place. We were to meet at the park by two in the afternoon. One thing about me, I love to keep time, but my friend on the other hand, I guess it’s right to say she and time don’t see eye to eye. I tried to wake her up early but it was in vain. She ended up dragging herself. I know I might sound uptight since it her birthday.

We arrived there thirty minutes late, despite of my efforts. Getting out of the car, they were standing there, he was staring with his blue eyes at us and this was like the first time our eyes met. Now I am married to him, but the stare is still there. Sometimes I feel like he is staring at my soul. He looked amazing, nice apparel and I liked it. As stubborn as I am, I could not compliment him so instead I told my friend to say it. I didn’t want him to notice that I realised he looked great. I guess I sound petty. In my defence, after being hurt several times then I decided to build high walls to protect my secret garden [heart]. Being single is like being a prey, you have to watch out and be on guard. We passed through the gate; ”I need coffee, where can we get coffee”. “Seriously! what the hell is wrong with this guy“ I said to myself. Now I am wondering what was wrong with him wanting coffee.

One of the things I learned about him that day, was he knows what he wants and he goes towards getting it. At the coffee stand the girl asked which coffee we would like, because they have coffee from different places. She mentioned coffee from few countries, his response was “whatever”. Later I learned Dutch people use whatever, doesn’t matter and other words which to most of us may sound rude, but they don’t mean it in a bad way. Just like some of my Russian speaking friends will always say “what” when you call them. Dubai is that place where you get to meet different nationalities and cultures and you appreciate it. At that time I tried to be more friendly to the girl, because I didn’t want her to think that she has one of those rude customers. I was pissed by that but did not show it. It was a day to enjoy.

I was excited and nervous at the same time going to the rides. We were four, so it was obvious for us to sit next to each other. As soon as the ride started moving ooh felt like my heart is coming out of my body and I just grabbed his hand so tight. He was nice he told me it’s okay, don’t be afraid. By the time we were going to the third ride I had warmed up to him and started to get to know him. I was fascinated with his story. He told me he had missed his ex’s kids, told me he loved the kids. It was not just the usual cleaver line. I was smiling and he smiled back it was as if we have just met and we have noticed each other for the first time. Though circumstance made us but it was nice he stuck around to see beyond the pissed off girl. He was just holding my hand but it was real its kind of complex simplicity but it showed me a whole different person. By the time we were almost going for dinner we had been in different rides together him holding my hand and in some rides he would just give me his hand. We left the place and I had a really good time. It was not love at the first sight, but the chemistry we had at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change that for anything. Together we did form a necessary paradox, he didn’t ask for my number I didn’t know whether I would see him again. Later that night my friend told me you guys looked nice together. In my bed that night, I was smiling with my heart and my soul it wasn’t it my face. Funny how somebody who is practically a stranger can make your entire day brighter. I had no idea what I felt for him, but I knew I would love to see him again. It was like I found a part of me in him. Corny as though it may sound, it was true.

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