Life should not be about survival alone, but about living as well; How are you living your life?, what good are you doing to the people around you, as well as those who don’t know you. I love organising parties, cooking, decorating house and inviting people over. Yes, it may sound hectic and tiresome, but I don’t mind it. October till January, I am always having parties to plan since most of my close people have birthdays and also is during this season that other functions take place. Come February, we are done with the celebrations and time now to have some quietness and we get back to serious business. That means we do not do valentines. We love the hype that comes with the season, especially in Dubai. The stores in the mall are filled with balloons, dinner offers from restaurants for couples and the singles are also are never left out.

Love at first site wasn’t our love story for me and my rib. Actually, if you would ask my husband, his thoughts were: ‘’what the hell is wrong with this lady’’. I looked really pissed that day, but in my defence; My friend had promised we were just going to buy something for her, to wear on her birthday. That would be the next day. You all know how women love shopping and we can never blame men for not wanting to tag along. So, after hours of walking around the mall from shop to shop, my friend got a call from her boyfriend. He was inviting us for dinner, but going out for an introvert like me was not pleasing at all. In my head I was like: “I should have just stayed at home” but then these are the sort of things we do for friends. I don’t know if it’s only me, sometimes I have conversations with myself, but then I am crazy according to my family, so it might be just me.

Entering the restaurant, we saw my friend’s boyfriend with some other guy. Have you ever been in that position whereby you wish the earth opens up and swallows you? I gathered my courage and walked towards the table; I said my hellos and sat. My friend apparently had met the guy before, but she didn’t know he would be joining us. Crazy me at that moment was conversing with the inner me: ’’what did I do to deserve this?!!’’, “Where is magic when you need it?” Oh and it couldn’t even get worse: the guy (now my husband) ordered the salad that I had planned to have.

After the dinner, my friend came up with the idea of us taking pictures in a small booth. Since the booth was small I was to sit on the guy’s lap for us to fit. He was kind enough to ask if I was comfortable sitting on him, but to me it seemed like he asked to make me uncomfortable because I was chubby and I thought he was rude. I KNOW RIGHT!! One has to have a high patience level to stand me. “What the hell boy, you are also not my favourite person, but it’s a picture for the birthday girl”, I thought to myself. Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise, because the guy I thought badly of became my husband. The person who saw me for who I was and loved me unconditionally.

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