Hello I am sakiina


I help startups pick the right digital  marketing channel to connect with your audience.



Are you connecting with the people who are actively seeking information about your product or service. It start with the right channel then you connect and your people can vibe with you.


I’m Sakiina

I believe you do not need to blanket cover every digital marekting channel. Work with let’s find you the best digital marketing channel that you will connect and engage with your audience who will converts.

What I Do

Content Marketing

We will Create, manage and track content across social  platforms like.

I will help you  connect with your audience, besides selling them your brand or services, through media such as blog posts and gated content.

Giving content that persuades a person into taking action, by evaluating efficient strategies and metrics. Content is king.

Digital marketing strategy

Let’s define practices and goals that will guide you in your long time digital objective goals, such as awareness, consideration and conversion and retention which can be influenced by digital channels.

We will look at past strategies, that were- or were not working and focus on changing those.


Search Engine Optimization

More than 90 percent of the global digital population uses a search engine to find products, services and information; Google, Youtube, Bing. 

We will conduct SEO audits and check the quality and not quantity of backlinks.

Apart from that, we will do keyword research, to determine not just the high volume search terms (keywords), but the high intent keywords. 






Find out the new powerful way to attract traffic by Google
Find out the new powerful way to attract traffic by Google

We try to understand how Google works, and its behaviour. Google recently came with a new way to attract traffic.

In 2011, Google addressed thin content and keyword stuffing with Panda. You could say it tries to understand our language and know what people consider high quality content.

All these powerful ways to attract traffic by Google has always been up to us. After all, Google has always been clear that it cares more on the user’s intent.

Let me help you connect with the right audience, with the best channel for you.

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