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Vibe Nami

get your vibe on

Working with Vibe Nami, means I relate with your business and get your vibe on with digital marketing to increase sales and keep a steady flow.


I’m Sakiina

Vibe Nami (with me) helps businesses out with their own vibes to get the best and easiest results.

What I Do

Content Marketing

Create, manage and track content across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. We will connect with your audience, besides selling them your brand or services, through media such as blog posts and gated content. Giving content that persuades a person into taking action, by evaluating efficient strategies and metrics. Content is king, but how do you solve the puzzle of putting together usability, credibility, visibility, saleability and scalability? Using tools such as an editorial calendar, an essential tool to facilitate this connection. 

Digital marketing strategy

Let’s define practices and goals that will guide you in your long time digital objective goals, such as awareness, consideration and conversion and retention which can be influenced by digital channels. We will look at past strategies, that were- or were not working and focus on changing those. Developing strategy is a cyclical process. What you learn from the measurement phase should always be fed back. Look at your intended audience segmentation and platform research. Then we work to align your business objectives.

Search Engine Optimization

More than 90 percent of the global digital population uses a search engine to find products, services and information. If you have a website, you should generate sales. With SEO we will optimise your website so that it will be “listed well” on Google. Your website should at least be listed on the first page and ideally in the top 3 results. We will conduct SEO audits and check the quality and not quantity of backlinks. Apart from that, we will do keyword research, to determine not just the high volume search terms (keywords), but the high intent keywords. To accomplish this, we will use Google analytics and the Google keyword tool from within the Google Adwords console. 



Increase conversion rate and improve your profit
Increase conversion rate and improve your profit

Do you think a 1% increase would make any difference in your brand? Yes, a 1% increase in conversion rate would improve your profit. How do we do that in your brand though? We simply have to do a split testing for your facebook ads. There is no escaping digital...


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