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Someone is out there looking for your services. Let me help you connect with the right audience.




I’m Sakiina

I work with health and wellness individual  to help them find  their targeted audience, while they work on helping their audience needs and pain point

What I Do

Website Evaluation

Your website is your online store. This is how your audience is going to know about your services. 

A website evaluation will give you the information you need to build and define your services in a way that will attract and connect with them. Your images, the content and layout, logo need to address your clients. They should find a solution or it should stop them for teaching for something else.

SEO Action Plan

Here, we are first going t define the kind of audience you need, the location they are from and their needs. The second part we are going to look at is the content strategy. Thirdly we are going to look how to

optimize your website; is it user friendly, optimized for mobile. Basically, the way your audience navigates through your website.



Tobi is a digital marketing strategist.


I was looking for information about websites and I contacted her. She was clear she is was not currently building websites, but she was willing to direct me. I booked a discovery call with Sakiina and she told me very clearly how to structure my website.

She gave me all the options and explained to me how SEO really works. Sakiina is a very professional SEO strategist. It made me happy when she checked on my progress; that was unexpected.


Let me help you connect with the right audience, with the best channel for you.

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